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24 February 2013 @ 10:53 pm
Why are you forcing me to become a little more like you, and less like myself?

Why won't you filter your words?
Of course I'd mind, then you tell me not to mind. Then why did you tell me for? Why did you tell me in such a harsh way?

Then you try to make me feel better by buying me things, what was that for?!

You say I'm too stubborn, too bloody sensitive but look who's talking. Aren't you one too?

I don't want to argue. I do not. Look who's forcing me to argue (or my way of clarifying things)?

I'm too tired to even cry.
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21 February 2013 @ 08:09 pm

Am I?


Google tells me it means I'm a perfectionist but I know I am not. I'm rarely good in anything. When I feel that "hey, that's not bad." and I see what others have done is way better I get crushed immediately. It makes me feel like I should have not started on anything at all. Those symptoms described me as a perfectionist. But how could that be when nothing I do is ever perfect, or remotely good. Screw this. Why would I bother trying? That hurts but that's right. I am ignorant, so damn ignorant.

21 February 2013 @ 11:52 am

Seemingly simple but I spent quite some time editing...
Please LIKE the video ! :D
17 February 2013 @ 04:16 pm
Technically in another few more days and I'm officially done with school.

One more assignment. One more project update. Project show. Receive diploma. End of polytechnic life.

I'm scared on what would happen next, really. I do need a job. Try hard.

I've got my comp :D


I mean, I'm lost.

I like the feeling of missing something, the past couldn't be altered; it's safe. That feel sad at times too.


I believe this was taken in 2011, in the school's toilet. When I still had long hair and good skin ):
While dailybooth was still there.....I mean I loved that site !


2 days back. Hehe I love the mosaic feature !

I'll update soon ! I will need to relax for a while then do my assignment. Bye *-: 
13 February 2013 @ 08:53 am

I feel like having a twitter account and post all the one line quotes that are incredibly overused and cliché but that's just silly.


But that's the way I feel.

11 February 2013 @ 08:02 pm
Listening to old songs.
Listening to old songs that makes you cry.
Listening to old songs that makes you cry and think.
Listening to old songs that makes you cry and think of the past.
Listening to old songs that makes you cry and think of the past about how great it was.
Listening to old songs that makes you cry and think of the past about how great it was, but you hadn't realised it back then.
Listening to old songs that makes you cry and think of the past about how great it was, but you hadn't realised it back then, are now memories that couldn't be messed with; fragments of warmth that presents upon you every now and then unexpectedly.

They aren't regrets.
They are still memories well-protected.

Reminiscing brought goosebumps: how did you managed to pass the good and all of the bad. Those parts are important pieces of you. Things change, you change, but how could you forget that? Why would you ever want to?

I still miss it. But I move on.
06 February 2013 @ 11:06 am

Sick of being sick or feeling sick.
It's like an avalanche of symptoms that tells me that my health isn't that pink. But doctors keep telling me that I am okay with the current problem I think I am facing compared to the true cause. Since December its been like serious cough and flu, psoriasis, tooth decay all at once. I don't even know how tooth decay when I do brush it everyday. For the past week it's been intense gum pain, tooth sensitivity, jaw ache, migraines and it's killing me. Sharp pain and dull pain and I couldn't function. I barely clock in a few hours each night. Hand tremors. That's quite serious. I get that on and off when I do not take enough iron. Right now I'm just especially sensitive to noise. Teeth clattering. Ear and jaw joint ache. And shit. I really hope that it's just a panic attack but the same time I don't. Because the pain feels so real and it's been there for some time. I might have some brain cancer or mouth cancer and I might just go mad if I don't know the cause because when the pain is here its bad, real bad. Taking painkillers for a long term will lead to liver and kidney damage. So, what's up guys? It sucks.


I'm depressed.
Don't mess with my heart.


There are a lot of things I really don't like. I won't call it bad luck really. It's just that bad things happen. I want change, for the better, but change is like skiing on thin ice; fragile, could make you fall into an abyss of black hole, could bring you to the beautiful destination you've always dreamed off.


There's a kind of person I despise most: the people who refuses to learn, won't admit that they are wrong, blame for every single thing in the world except for themselves. All in one.


"When the whole world turns on you, would you then look back at yourself?" Maybe the world has an abundance of bad people, but there are definite angels within us.


I am not someone good. No no, I am not.
But I want you to realise your own mistake and not just pay lip service. Heck if there's even an effort to say "sorry" instead of coupling up with some act of remorse. Even if it's an act, why won't you do it? God damn pride we have. I hate it. God damn useless pride. It's just a word. Word!


Wrong = apologise = "sorry"


I have no time for the bishy bashy, round and another round. This is not some spinning salad game please. It makes me so damn angry. If you have any beef with me, take it up, straight. Don't do things behind my back or do those small actions. Come on now, how have you not grown beyond 10 beneath that old skin? I wonder.


I dream for change even if it's too big, because that's what change is all about: nothing is ever impossible. Meanwhile, I'll learn to control myself.

21 January 2013 @ 12:24 am

Favourite male personalities


Karl Pilkinton


Ed Sheeran

David Tennant / LittleRadge (Liam Dryden)
They look alike!

Jesse McCartney

Sakurai Sho/ Domoto Tsuyoshi

Matsuda Shota

David Thorne (27b/6)


Kamiki Ryunosuke

Brett Domino

Plus some more.

20 January 2013 @ 11:09 pm

The open booth to SIT was amazing and now I've decided that I want to go to SIT if I could.. In probably another few more years when I'm better prepared? And I'd love to get that scholarship if possible! That would save me a huge ton! And really, Digipen is still where I'd like to go. I'll see how! Right now I'm modelling my Merlion and it's a disaster. It's god damn difficult and tedious. I'm using the point by point modelling method. And I feel like doing since the dateline is another few more days apart! I still have texturing, lighting and a couple more of modelling work to be done. I do have school and work. But just imagining completing it gives me a huge sense of satisfaction. No, I'm not even close yet.


That's to say I'd really love to go to Digipen! Right now, focus on my subjects and graduate poly, man. Go do it, Sharon!

Right now it looks like crap. I don't think I could finish it in time....JIA YOU!